TVL: $357.4M (-.62%)

PRICE: $32,053.83 (-3.7%)


YFI + CRV - Permissionless Pools

Firehose Load Limit Testing

St. Ether Test Strategy


Proposal: Developer Incentives

@yfi_lit wrote that our core developers are creating immense value for us (YFI holders). It’s incredibly extractive and naive to expect indentured servitude for any longer.

The launch of YFI was the most selfless launch since Bitcoin–even more so because Andre couldn’t mine the coins solo for a prolonged period of time. Rewarding our core devs with YFI tokens does not go back on this selflessness. Rather, it shows that we too can be selfless as YFI holders.

General Chat:10-20 YFI for Dev pool from me

@onlylarping will match 1 YFI for the Dev Pool for every 9 raised from the community, up to a max of 10 from himself.

And he will match another 1 YFI for every 99 raised from the community thereafter, up to another 10 from himself.

20 total max if we can raise 980 from the community. No bullshit, who else is in?

(PowerPool) Proposal: Yearn yTokens Index

@milkyklim proposed launching an index in the PowerPool ecosystem consisting of Yearn vault tokens:

  1. LP
  2. LP
  3. LP
  4. LP
  5. LP
  6. LP

Instead of using equal weights – 16.66% – use adaptive weights proportional to vaults TVL [1].

The index serves 2 purposes:

  • smoothen APY generated by vaults;
  • create liquidity sink for yTokens and effectively be the largest exchange pool.


Parafi Supporting the Devs

Yearn Community Strong


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