TVL: $354.1M (-1.98%)

PRICE: $30,157.95 (-6.1%)


New $EUR pool


Proposal: Keeping Yearn Great - Funds, Incentives & Rewards

@Arcturus wrote that some of you may be aware of recent conversations regarding the desire to create adequate incentives for our diligent strategists who have been busy working away to ensure Yearn V2 will be the defacto gold standard yield optimized platform. In fewer words, some conversations have arisen that contributors/strategists do not feel like they are being compensated enough to participate in the expected upside from YFI(there’s a bit more nuance here but this is put simply)

Proposal: Sequester 1000 YFI from wYFI burn

@kapemal wrote that Andre is working on a project that would have YFI destroyed in exchange for wYFI tokens.

At the same time we’re looking for a way to allocate YFI to devs in order to compensate them for their efforts.

Why not use some of these YFI, at least a small amount, rather than destroying them?


Iron Bank + YFI

Stacking ETH with YFI

Community Power

YFI Ethos


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