TVL: $382.1M (-1.72%)

PRICE: $38,662.15 (+6.6%)



Much Vaultz

Yearn Redesign


Proposal: Net Zero Mint (3k YFI yBond)

@dripdrop wrote "What’s better than Buyback and Build? Build now and buyback later.
What’s better than mint? Net zero inflation mint credit we can share with yecosystem"

  1. Mint 3000 YFI warchest now (2000 for immediate Dev equity, Op expenses, and Yearn warchest, 1000 reserved for launch incentives of future yproducts). Burn mint keys.
  2. Store 3000 YFI in Iron Bank (extending credit to yecosystem) until it is spent (large portions can be spent immediately for dev equity and expenses)
  3. Set one of the goals of “BABY” to buyback up to the 3000 YFI credit line

(PowerPool) Proposal 18: Create Yearn Lazy Ape Index

New proposal is live on the @powerpoolcvp governance forum to create an index consisting of Yearn yVault tokens.


The Protagonist

v2 SZN


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