TVL: $381.4M (-4.46%)

PRICE: $33,508.67 (-6.3%)


Zapper + yVaults

Risk-Free Rate of DeFi

El Calfos yVault


Proposal: Funding Yearn’s Future

Several key contributors created a proposal to safeguard Yearn’s future development. They would like to mint 6,666 YFI. Use ~1/3 of minted YFI to reward key contributors and put ~2/3 of minted YFI in the Treasury under the control of the community through future proposals.

Proposal: Adaptive mgmt fees based on AUM

@macarse wrote that Yearn v2 comes with a 2% mgmt fees on AUM. Yearn gov should ramp up mgmt fees slowly as vault’s AUM grow up to the 2% max.


Yearn Community 💪


Gitcoin + YFI


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