TVL: $412.5M

PRICE: $27,255.8


Yearn v2 Vault Swap

Zerion + YFI


*Updates on popular posts from the last week

[Proposal] Funding Yearn’s Future

Summary: Safeguard Yearn’s future development. Mint 6,666 YFI. Use ~1/3 of minted YFI to reward key contributors and put ~2/3 of minted YFI in the Treasury under the control of the community through future proposals.

General Chat: 10-20 YFI for Dev pool from me

@onlylarping wrote "I will match 1 YFI for the Dev Pool for every 9 raised from the community, up to a max of 10 from myself.

And I will match another 1 YFI for every 99 raised from the community thereafter, up to another 10 from myself.

20 total max if we can raise 980 from the community. No bullshit, who else is in?"


Burning System Engaged

Set It & Forget It


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Open Reply to Lyn Alden & Ethereum Skeptics
Responding to Lyn Alden’s “An Economic Analysis of Ethereum”