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v2 UI Status Update

Multisig Farming


Proposal: Making Yearn Great Again - Governance & Incentives

In Summary:
@Arcturus believes that we need to incentivize further community engagement and (re)proposes a series of proposals to get this moving

  • Proposal 1: Pay out grants to contributors/grantees in YFI instead of yUSD (which it currently is).
  • Proposal 2: “Vote Locking” YFI (similar to veCRV) which decays. In limbo here let’s push this forward.
  • Proposal 3(Relies on #2): Initiate Signaling for Whitelisted Yearn Vault on Maker & Propose Methods of Maintaining adequate collateralization ratios from Yearn’s end.
  • Proposal 4(relies on #3) : YFI vault to begin borrowing against YFI to tap into and deploy currently unused YFI capital for discretionary spending which in the future can be tranched out based on risk profiles (for clarity this is an additional optional vault, not default governance - depositor who deposit into this “higher risk” vault would get additional benefit whether in yield or share of projects invested in from yield)


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