TVL: $792,118,170 (-12%)

PRICE: $16,981 (+.08%)


y3Crv vault

Bug Bounty

Yearn now has a bug bounty with rewards up to 50k yUSD ($58.2k and growing)

More info here:

Curve Migration


MakerDAO Governance Polls

Proposal: Add mStable SAVE as an alternative strategy to dForce and Curve in Earn

@Hassle.Free proposes adding an option to take advantage of readily available saving yields.

mStable SAVE is offering interest rates that exceed current realized returns from dForce and Curve strategies. He would like to add a new strategy that takes advantage of this.

Proposal: Change the Incentive Mechanics on the yYFI Vault

@CryptoCap would like to increase revenue for the yYFI vault by rewarding those who stay in the vault for longer time periods while disincentivizing those who do not.

This proposal in theory should increase market buying pressure for YFI, and further incentivize users to keep their YFI within the ecosystem.

Proposal: Create New Strategy to Farm YFV

@Hassle.Free proposed a copy&paste of @franklin’s SWRV proposal, but suggests YFV instead:

He thinks Yearn has a large reliance on Curve and farming CRV in order to generate yield for its primary product: yVaults. This proposal would expand Yearn’s yield-generating activities to another asset (YFV) and protocol, reducing reliance of Yearn’s revenue on one governance token (CRV).


@deFinnTheFarmer put together a great infographic that explains yTokens

Great analysis here by chris.eth 👏

The dog is a believer 💯


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