TVL: $755,097,010 (-1%)

PRICE: $15,602.78 (-8.4%)


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CRV Vulnerability

This is not an actual yearn product but due to it's importance to the ecosystem I thought it was worth including


General Chat: yIndex Development?

@Neffler would like a strategy that provides long exposure to a sector of cryptoassets (e.g. DeFi, large caps, NFTs, etc) and provides automated rebalancing following a strict methodology could be a very attractive product.

@Ceazor would like to open discussions here on the state of the yaLINK vault.


Andre is back with some new blog posts

Liquidity Delegated Governance
The norm is to have a stop gap with a multisig contract until 1–3 are established. To help project expedite this process I have created 2 contract factories; The job of this factory is simple; create…
Crypto Economics, Perpetual Liquidity and IL offsets
Update: This is 100% valueless, not in the meme sense, as in this is an experimental concept to be further developed and co-collaborated on. This won’t be used in the future, nor does it do anything…