TVL: $737,696,463 (-1%)

PRICE: $14,429.39 (-8.22%)


yWETH & yWBTC Vaults


Proposal: yHegic Vault by ZLOT

@zLOT would like to create a yHEGIC vault that allows Hegicโ€™s holders to pool their assets in order to benefit from the revenue of the Staking Lots. Revenue of the staking lots will be compounded in the form of HEGIC.

Proposal: Yearnโ€™s First Ever Community Call

@bearhead would like to host a community call (similar to a corporate shareholder meeting) with the core team with the agenda described in the Specification section. The call will cover state of the protocol, notable recent changes, big upcoming changes, and Q&A from the community (voted on by the community before the meeting). It will be livestreamed.

General Chat: Naming Conventions

@tracheopteryx shared an incomplete draft attempting to formalize our product names so we can have better consistency in docs and ideally this should help create a naming pattern for future products and create more clear mental models for how objects in the yearn ecosystem function and relate.


Rally & Yield Delegated Vaults

Introducing the Programmatic Yield on Kraken


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