TVL: $712,103,357 (-1%)

PRICE: $14,508.53 (+3.1%)



Proposal: yDai - Leveraged COMP farming (also usable for yUSDC and others)

@gspoosi would like to use Dai in the yDai Vault to supply and borrow Dai on Compound and sell COMP for yield and to pay the fees. Instead of a simple supply and borrow we can maximise yield by leveraging both positions up to the collateral factor.

Proposal: Farm COMP + Leverage Stablecoin Arbitrage with WETH/WBTC vaults

@BlockEnthusiast proposed a strategy takes a Base Asset, stakes it in Compound, borrows stablecoins which it then leverages for arbitrage while farming COMP across all activities.

It will harvest farmed COMP to pay off interest periodically, keeping gains in USD pegged token (Farm Assets).

Proposal: yETH-UNI Strategy (IL)

@YFI-Cent know wanted to re-introduce an idea previously proposed by @mattdw with added some modifications.

This is a ETH/DAI Uniswap farming strategy using the yETH vault although this could also work for the yWBTC vault.


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