TVL: $635,548,560 (-1%)

PRICE: $13,878.74 (-4.9%)


GUSD Vaults

Andre Collabs Wanted


Proposal: Revamping Fees

@srs-parafi said that yearn continues to be among the highest quality robo-advisors for depositors in DeFi. As proposed by this YIP, streamlining fees will introduce more predictability and make it easier for all stakeholders (developers, depositors, and governance members) to understand the yearn system’s earnings potential.

Proposal: Create an Unistake vault + Strategies

@cheer created a proposal to add and create Unistake vault with integration to maximize return on investment and save on gas costs.

Announcement: September Grants

@tracheopteryx posted:

"It’s grants time again. This round is for work done in September and it’s a bit late, apologies for that.

Happy to announce some additions to the dev team! A warm round of applause for the wondrous x48, Doug, and Luciano."


How it started, How it's going

Yearn Dev Call

Early YFI Farmers


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Informational: ETH infographic from yearn_finance