TVL: $591,925,811 (-7%)

PRICE: $13,426.75 (-2.8%)


Community inspired strategy

Out of Stealth

The faces behind the code


General Chat: How we think about Yearn

What yearn is not and what yearn is

Proposal: Make YFI more agile and provide better incentives for talent

Add Governance/Operation Roles to enable:

More Agility in Decision Making for new Products (Vaults, Farming, Insurance, etc) aligned with a Strategy focused on increasing Value for Depositors and for YFI holder

More Streamlined Communication of Yearn with the DeFi User community (Brand, Initiatives, Products)

Better incentives for attracting top development talent (Pay in YFI, partially timelocked)


Don't sleep on yearn vaults

Decentralized governance


Watch: DeFi Token Roundup - 22nd October


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