TVL: $454,235,702 (-27%)

PRICE: $13,472 (-7.6%)


CRV yPool

GUSD Update


Proposal: Make and add (CORE) amm + strategies

@JonyWai created a proposal to add (CORE) as an asset used as collateral for the upcoming delegated yVaults release in v2 or to create a vault with a single token.

Proposal: Synthetic CDP on Ethereum

@cyolo wants to create a collateralized debt position for synthetic real world securities such as S&P 500 or TSLA

General Chat: Some thoughts on yVault Product Strategy

@undefinedza put together some interesting thoughts after joining and observing the yearn community over the last few weeks

General Discussion: gas token farming strategy for yETH vaults

@liamzebedee wanted to discuss a strategy for the ETH vault for autonomous gas token minting/burning. It would operate using a Gnosis prediction market.


Quick Update

Whale Alert

Vaults are SAFU

Reddit: Does the Harvest Finance $24 million hack have any implication for Yearn Vaults?

Vault Interest Payout

Reddit: Vault Interest Payout


Read: Yield farming fuels 623% growth in DAI supply to nearly $1B

Watch: 36 - The DeFi Blockspace Cycle | Nic Carter