TVL: $450,856,844 (-.01%)

PRICE: $13,362.35 (-7.6%)


v2 Vaults Live

Another One


General Chat: Grand finale a new face for Cover NFTs

@fameal posted the preselected artwork from the final round of the yearn art contest. We want the community to decide which one is the best. In the end, there can be only one.

Proposal: [Strategy for yETH Vault V2] Stake DAI in Barnbridge for BOND rewards, increase DAI holding

@ramaruro and @estebank proposed a low risk, easy to implement strategy to stake DAI to receive BOND rewards from the new Barnbridge Protocol. BOND would be sold weekly for additional DAI which will be reinvested in staking.
BOND rewards are released weekly for a 25 week period, as of October 28 we are in the second week of this Liquidity Mining Program.


VYearn AMA

The team hosted an AMA on Oct. 27, 2020. Questions were submitted to a Google Form and answers were shared in the Discord.

@nomad put together an excellent summary here:

v2 🚀


Read: YFI Proposal - Rethinking Capital Allocation (Paywall)


How PayPal Changed Its Mind About Bitcoin - Decrypt
Over the course of a seven-year journey, PayPal has gone from questioning Bitcoin’s suitability as a currency to embracing crypto. Here’s how.