TVL: $487,713,130 (+1%)

PRICE: $10,331.16 (-17.2%)


Experimental V2 Vaults


Proposal: Rethinking Capital Allocation

@ryanwatkins (Messari) proposes using the system income to buy back YFI to then use to reward different stakeholders for providing value to the Yearn ecosystem, instead of just distributing income to YFI stakers.

The idea here is two fold:

  1. Stop distributing yCrv/yUSD to stakers immediately
  2. Use Yearn’s system income to reinvest in growth

**This was posted in response to the proposal

Proposal: wNXM Vault and strategy

@jpw wants to capitalize on the stagnant wNXM supply that is sitting on the sidelines. This is a unique situation that lends itself to the main advantages that YFI vaults provide


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