TVL: $1,000,526,596 (-.01%)                                     PRICE: $20,081 (+22.5%)


v2 Vault Specs - Coming Soon

Yearn Protocol Chart

Yearn Dev Updates

If people want updates on the dev team's progress - check out the link below:

State of the Vaults

@dudesahn and the team heard concerns regarding the status of the yVaults, and to help consolidate information in a single place, they created State of the Vaults– a weekly update that will include yVault-related news from the previous week as well as more in-depth information about Yearn’s yVaults.

Gov Rewards

You can now claim gov rewards here:


Governance + Vaults

Users can now vote with both yfi staked in governance and yfi deposited into a vault, h/t @bonustrack

Proposal: Create Four New Vaults Farming UNI

@franklin would like to expand the current vault offering to create four new vaults that would farm UNI. One for each liquidity pool eligible to farm UNI.

Proposal : Make and add (CORE) amm + strategies

@JonyWai would like to add (CORE) as an asset used as collateral for the upcoming delegated yVaults release in v2 or to create a vault with a single token.


Dune Analytics - yearn

These community dashboards are awesome!

If you want to get involved with yearn - take initiative!

yEarn Risk Identifier

A user from the financial section of the yearn discord started a yEarn risk identification spreadsheet:


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