TVL: $963,799,222 (-4%)                                             PRICE: $18,006.26 (-9%)


v2 Vault Design

The team held a dev call yesterday to go over the v2 specs. You can find a link to those specs here as well as a link to the formal proposal under the Governance section below.

Also, check out the new vaults logo that @futurefund has been working on:

Yearn Ecosystem Stats

This was posted in our community telegram group and I thought it was worth sharing. Consider it a one stop shop for all stats related to the yearn ecosystem.

Dune Analytics

Yearn Vaults


Yearn Initial Distribution

YFI Flows

Yearn API

You can also use this API for your own queries.

Defi Marketcap

Use this to check out the Yearn Ecosystem marketcap

Vaults ROI Stats

Yearn Stats Page

Vault Holdings & Strategies

Total Value Locked / ROI

Yield Farming

General Farming Info

Gov & Vault ROI

Vault Profit by Account

Yearn.Party - To see your value increase in real-time


Proposal: Vaults V2 Design

This YIP proposed by fubuloubu is a redesign of the Yearn Vaults system to accommodate several improvements meant to increase the robustness, security, and flexibility of the Vaults moving forwards

Proposal: Create a New Strategy to Farm SWRV

franklin would like to create a new strategy (or vault, if applicable) that would deposit stablecoins (DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD), to farm SWRV.

General Chat: Yearn Reimagined - As Governance Token Participant vs. Dumper

redarmanino suggested that instead of dumping Governance tokens like CRV and UNI, let’s bring them back into their respective Vaults and keep the “yield” as a paper yield, as an Unrealized Gain.

Those who wish to sell their UNI or CRV are free to do so. And those who like to keep their Governance tokens are also free to do so.

Proposal: Aave lending pools Vault

Ceazor proposed an idea for deposits of a single coin (say ETH) to be spread across all the aave lending opportunities. The spread would be based on the yield opportunities therein. However, if the vault got too big it would saturate all the lending opportunities found there.


There were several tweets about the yearn ecosystem that caught my eye yesterday. Check them out below:


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