TVL: $882,294,525 (-8%)                                 PRICE: $14,398.90 (-20%)


V2 Vault Update

@banteg mentioned in the governance forum that the team has this vault spec 80% implemented and the team has been toying with writing some test strategies against it.

Separately, there has also been internal discussions regarding the treasury system leveraging the Vault design, with strategies that just market sell the rewards for YFI.

This is similar to an idea suggested by Joel Monegro here. Would this be something the community would like to see formally proposed?

Integration Guide

Check this out if you're a developer looking to build on the yearn ecosystem:


MakerDao Forum: [YFI] Collateral Onboarding Risk Evaluation

@monet-supply completed an evaluation on the risk of adding YFI as collateral broken down by the following sections:

  1. Summary Proposed Risk Parameters
  2. Overview
  3. Metrics and Analysis
  4. Risk Parameters

Proposal: Adopt a Code of Conduct

@lehnberg would like to adopt a standard code of conduct template across the entire project and encourage moderators to organise their own governance independent of project leadership.

Proposal: Create a New Strategy to Farm FARM

@Hassle.Free proposed a copy & paste of franklin’s SWRV proposal, but suggesting FARM instead.

Creating a new strategy (or vault, if applicable) that would deposit stablecoins (DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD), to farm FARM.


Vault ROI Calculator

@brschkv built a yearn Vault ROI Calculator, check it out here:

Discord Level 2

The growth of our Discord community has been insane. We've officially been upgraded to Level 2 by Discord which provides more perks for our members.


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