TVL: $905,199,370 (+2%)

PRICE: $18,330.69 (+24.7%)


yUSD vault has been boosted.. wBTC should be following shortly

If you're confused about what "boosted" means...


General Chat: Yearn Finance Online Event?

@Wot_Is_Goin_On wrote "our baby YFI is nearly 3 months old. To celebrate we should start thinking about an online event to celebrate 6 months (or sooner?). Judging from the popularity of the Yearn strats talk at ETHOnline, which has the most YouTube views, it would be well attended."

Here's a possible guest list...

General Chat: Medium Term Incentives on Curve

@avidaardvark said "obviously yearn must reduce our dependency on CRV and it seems that v2 vaults will help us get there but in the meantime I was thinking about improvements to CRV and I think a big problem is medium term incentives."


Appreciation Thread for Andre Cronje

Amazing show of support for the yearn community's favorite dev:

yCRV boosties have gone live, what to expect APY wise?

TLDR; Not sure yet, but we should know in a few days



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