TVL: $464,442,081 (-6%)

PRICE: $8,531.57 (-9.8%)


Yearn + Keep3r

Vaults Comments to Code Ratio Increasing

docs: add vault natspec (#56) · iearn-finance/yearn-vaults@958d380
* docs: add vault natspec * docs: remove unnecessary dev tag * docs: update contracts/Vault.vy Co-authored-by: Just some guy <> * docs: a...


Proposal: Restructure fees and align incentives

Several key yearn team members issued this proposal:

"With Vaults v2 around the corner, it is a good time to analyze Yearn’s protocol-wide incentives and ensure they are aligned to produce the best possible outcome. This proposal reforms Yearn’s fee structure to keep it roughly at the same level, but charged differently, and distributed in a way meant to keep YFI stakers, strategists, and contributors better incentivized over the long term."

Proposal: Rethinking Value Creation - Brand Strategy for Yearn Finance

@rorschach shared a breakdown of the brand strategy for Yearn. You can see the PowerPoint Deck here: 51

Check comments if link is expired

General Discussion: Data for Strategists - An unnecessary obstacle

@sambacha feels that strategists need to agree on what data formats, and more specifically what kind of data types, etc, should be used as a baseline so that we can more easily compare strategies and do benchmarking.


Estimated YFI staker PE Ratio

Estimated YFI staker PE ratio (if new fees model pass, check comments for the link) from yearn_finance

Keep the Faith


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