TVL: $508,894,500 (+2%)

PRICE: $10,913.74 (+5%)


Experimental Strategies

Yearn Security


Proposal: Dynamic Surcharge Pricing for Fees on withdrawals over a changing amount

@sambacha proposed utilizing ‘fees’ as a method of disincentivizing short positions and dumps by dynamically changing ‘fee’ rate, where the fee rate is zero for those transfers below the trailing transfer average rate.

Proposal: Increase Strategist Rewards

@sampriestly proposed increasing strategist compensation. V2 vaults haven’t been completely finished yet so it can come from multiple areas. It can come from increasing overall fees. Or sharing some of the AUM fee. Or increasing strategist share of profits above 0.5%. This should be a discussion.


Not Investment Advice

Community Growth

The YFI communities on Twitter, Telegram, Medium and Discord continue to grow

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