TVL: $498,369,764 (+1.83%)

PRICE: $17,963.74 (+19.9%)


Yearn + Hegic

v2 Fee Structure


(Update) YIP-50: First step to contributors stash. *Voting open Nov 5-Nov 12

@milkyklim proposed seizing ~8 YFI from treasury contract 7 and using these funds as a first step to create contributors’ stash.

Proposal: Department Treasury Vaults & Department Staking

@mdesim01 created this is a proposal to overhaul the current MultiSig scheme and replace it with a new Yearn Treasury Vault contract that periodically allocates a portion of protocol revenues to Department Treasury Vaults, controlled by Department stakers.

Proposal: Create a HUSD vault

@definavy proposed creating a HUSD vault to attract HUSD holders to stake and earn rewards.


Full Send 🚀

Keep the Faith

Crickets 🦗


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