TVL: $508,814,379 (+.02%)

PRICE: $17,627.24 (+8.4%)



yHegic Vaults - Recap

Loss Reporting for Vaults


Proposal: Exploring Elastic Supply as a Way to Capture Market Movement for Devs and Governance

@beepidibop proposed directing the impacts of capital injections towards governance and devs while minimizing impact on the “free-loaders”. Since this has been brought up in a number of occasions by devs such as @banteg.

(MAKER) Signal Request: Increase the YFI Debt Ceiling

@subventures posted a proposal on the MakerGOV forum that read:

"At the time of this writing, the YFI vault facility, just launched, is almost full.


Considering the fees that such facility generates, the low risk from a smart contract perspective, oracle and the liquidity/volatility risk profile.

Do you want to increase the YFI debt ceiling?

Increasing the debt ceiling will increase the fees but also expose to more risk. Regarding liquidity, the trading volume of YFI on Binance alone was 130M$ in the last 24h.

The winning option will be put in a governance poll if it’s not no."

Proposal: (Strategy / Vault) Alpha Homora ETH Leveraged ETH/YFI

@ceazor proposed building an ETH strategy, either as a stand-alone vault, or as a V2 strategy in another ETH vault. It proposes the use of Alpha Homora’s (AH) leveraged and lending contracts.


Airdrop for YFI Governance Participants

Smart Contract Alerts

Yearn Vaults - Live Demo

yDPI Vault Chart

Yearn Incentives & Budget Pie Chart


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Atari Token: Turbocharging Classic Games With Crypto - Decrypt
Online games, gambling, and a blockchain-empowered console: a look at Atari’s cryptocurrency play.