TVL: $495,264,680 (-1%)

PRICE: $17,380.81 (+.6%)


(Potential) Yearn + Pickle + Uniswap Strategy


YIP-54: Formalize Operations Funding

Passed with 99.85% in support.

YIP-53: yAcademy: Planting the Seed of a Sustainably Secure Future for Yearn and Beyond

Passed with 99.99% votes in support. Reach out to @aliatiia_ if you want to help with anything related to yAcademy.

General Chat: Snapshot or on-chain?

@Dark clarified that Yearn governance used to use for fully on-chain votes. But, as gas was expensive and it was costing dollars to vote each time, we have switched to snapshot for off-chain voting. All voting is currently happening on snapshot at this time and all votes with YIP numbers on snapshot are binding.


Our Network: Issue #47

Alex Svanevik, CEO at Nansen covers Yearn in this issue:

Suggested Reading for yAcademy
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