TVL: $508,229,584 (+1%)

PRICE: $18,344.37 (+7.7%)


Vault Strategies Reporting Gains/Losses

Yearn v2 UI

Vault Strategy Deployed

Sneak Peek of v2 Tokens


Weekly Updates, Week Ending November 15th, 2020

For an overview of everything going on in the Yearn Ecosystem, check out this week’s Yearn Finance Weekly Newsletter. Highlights this week include YFI added as collateral on MakerDAO and a collaboration between Yearn and Hegic on binary options.

For more detailed information on Yearn’s governance from the past week, check out @nomad’s Yearn Governance Roundup. This week saw several YIPs pass, including setting the v2 yVault fee structure and strategist reward, officially establishing yAcademy, and formalizing Yearn’s Operations funding.

(Update)Proposal: Formalize the YIP Introduction & Voting Process

The purpose of this proposal is to standardize the Yearn Improvement Proposal (YIP) introduction, voting, and implementation process that governs the Yearn Finance protocol.


V2 Test Vault Explainer

Yearn Improvement Protocols (YIPs)


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Cheese Bank Incident: Root Cause Analysis
In this blog, we analyze a Cheese Bank hack that occurred at 19:22:21 PM +UTC, Nov-6–2020. This hack was discovered while we review evil-will flashloans. This particular hack drains $3.3 million of…