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Yearn Vaults Contracts Released

Potential Yearn Options Strategy

Safer Vaults


Proposal: Bancor YFI/BNT Pool

@milkyklim is gauging interest with this proposal.

Bancor has YFI/BNT pool with impermanent loss protection. You can provide liquidity both one-sided and two-sided (50/50). However, size of the pool is too small.

Proposal is check sentiment in YFI community first and move on with 2 proposals on Bancor forum:

  1. Bump YFI/BNT pool size limit.
  2. Vote YFI/BNT pair in as large cap pair and earn liquidity mining rewards for staking.

Proposal: One-click option for yCover on the vault page

@dark thinks we should do a better job advertising yCover on the vaults page. We should automatically show how much it would cost to cover your vault holdings on the deposit - withdrawal vault page.

(MKR) MIP10c9-SP14: Subproposal to Whitelist Yearn Finance on YFIUSD Oracle

@banteg wrote that we are currently building our third Maker-based vault, taking YFI as a base asset and leveraging it in a similar manner as our existing yWETH and yWBTC Vaults. It will maintain a Maker Vault and delegate the drawn DAI to the Yearn DAI Vault. To make the strategy able to rebalance and unwind, we require access to the next OSM price.

We’ll be using a permissioned proxy contract should new strategies requiring the OSM emerge. It is controlled by Yearn’s Governance.

(MKR) Adjust the YFI-A Debt Ceiling

The MKR community voted 'Yes' in this poll to express support for adjusting the YFI-A Debt Ceiling from 7 million DAI to 20 million DAI.


Yearn 2.0 yVaults

Leading the Charge


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