TVL: $571,717,835 (-1%)

PRICE: $26,096.56 (+5.3%)


State of the Vaults

Yearn State of the Vaults #9
To help consolidate information in a single place, we created State of the Vaults–a weekly update that will include yVault-related updates from the previous week as well as more in-depth information…


Open Call to Developers

x48 posted: “Yearn is for self starters. See something that’s broken? Fix it. Don’t ask for permission.” --Yearn manifesto

It’s time to build!! What excites you most?

This is an open call to all developers wishing to develop with Yearn!

There are many opportunities and development paths one can take to get involved with Yearn you can learn about here:

On-chain collateral via ySFI Spice Vault Saffron

@greg posted that he likes the idea and option of an ySFI vault in Yearn for On-chain collateral via dynamic exposure.

Adding more Spice in the Yearn ecosystem can lead to more TVL.

Existing decentralized earning platforms expose liquidity providers to complex code-driven outcomes. Network participants must evaluate an array of catastrophic scenarios where the resulting state could wipe out their holdings or lead to a significant impermanent loss. It is hard to anticipate the net effect of extreme market volatility or focused economic attacks. Saffron narrows the set of possible outcomes by giving liquidity providers dynamic exposure.

YIP-55 Voting is Ongoing


Leading the Wave vault versus vault vault versus vault from yearn_finance


Watch: $YFI - Yearn Finance Gov Token Uses - Speculate / Earn / Vote / Propose