TVL: $637,016,919 (+0.1%)

PRICE: $26,119.71 (+6.6%)


Yearn + Akropolis


(BNT) - Add Liquidity Mining Rewards for YFI

Μα τον Δια! Yearn x Akropolis

As mentioned above, the contributors at Yearn and Akropolis join forces to capitalize on each other’s strengths and to enable each team to specialize further and focus on what they do best. Yearn will continue to develop best-in-class Vault and Lending protocol solutions. Akropolis becomes the exclusive front-of-house institutional service provider of these, offering bespoke access to their network of clients, with investment strategies tailored specifically to them.

2/20 fee model questions

wulfmane wrote "I am trying to wrap my head around about the new fee model and I would like to ask which number from should I use for my calculations. In particular, i am modelling the treasury balances from which YFI holders will make half of the 20% performance fee and 2% management fee."


Big Plans Ahead

Provide Value -> Receive Grants


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