TVL: $465,439,098 (+.01%)

PRICE: $9,179.89 (+7.9%)


yHegic Test Vault

Yearn v1


Proposal: Restructure fees and align incentives

Lots of updates and discussion around this recent proposal we mentioned in yesterday's newsletter.

Keep3r: On-chain Oracle price feeds

Andre wrote that for products like’s Uniswap LP impermanent loss hedge, or’s Uniswap loans, we needed an oracle solution that had the following qualities;

  • Accepts any asset tradeable on Uniswap
  • Security vs data freshness

For full documentation you can read more here and for available feeds you can view here.

Keep3r: Running a keeper from Keep3r Network on Open Zeppelin | Defender

The OpenZeppelin team has added features to Defender to make the process easier, and compile a step-by-step guide to simplify the process of running a Keep3er on Defender.



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