TVL: $489,375,186 (+1%)

PRICE: $15,236.20 (+3%)


SushiSwap Pair Strategy

Stats on Yearn Boosties


Proposal: Make Strategist Skin in Game Partner for Make Benefit of Glorious Brain of Yearn

This proposal sets Yearn and Strategists out to be equal partners in the success of a Vault, with each allocated an even share of the 20% performance fee:

  • Treasury allocation: 10%
  • Strategist: 10%

Proposal: Establish who votes in Curve DAO on behalf of Yearn

This proposal establishes which group votes in Curve DAO on behalf of Yearn.



Yield on yCrv

Yield on yCrv from yearn_finance



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Seven years after the online market shuttered, researchers say as much as 444,000 Bitcoin remain unaccounted for.