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PRICE: $29,812.70 (-4.1%)


Yearn Vaults v0.2.2

zLOT Vault

EIP-2612 Implementation


Announcements: October and November Community Grants

@dudesahn posted "This round of grants is the first to use our new yGift 3 system which embodies each grant as a collectible NFT. We will be using yGift more and more, and hope to eventually get them to every yearn contributor, so stay tuned."

Editor's Note: Appreciate the grant! Big thank you to the Yearn team and all our subscribers. This is the only the beginning 🚀

Proposal: AMM strategies in Yearn

@bananarepublic had a question regarding Yearn producing AMM strategies and @Dark responded by saying these types of strategies are being looked into and tested for v2 vaults, but we wont see them on v1 vaults. V2 vaults are currently undergoing their second audit and will be slowly released after that.


Talking Crypto with Tracheopteryx

Squad Goals



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