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General Chat: Excess capacity $veCRV?

@cryptoyieldinfo posted "Many users will have excess spare locked capacity of veCRV in their wallets which for whatever reason they are no longer using to boost stablecoins.

I am unsure if possible as veCRV is not tokenized.

But is there any mechanism by which excess capacity could be rented out from a particular address? If so then Yearn could act to transact, or unsure if such excess capacity could directly interface with yveCRV vault?"

General Chat: Risk in Treasury: portfolio of stablecoins, tokens

@Tuby had some trouble understanding the structure of the Yearn treasury and was looking for some clarity. @YFI-Cent was able to respond and point him in the right direction.


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Decentralized finance platforms were responsible for 99% of Ethereum transaction volume last month, says DappRadar.